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Curragh Historical Articles

Curragh Early History:     Click Here
The Crown and the Curragh:     Click Here
The First Permanent Camp:     Click Here
The Curragh Wrens:     Click Here
Irish Times Articles where the Curragh is mentioned 1859/61: Click Here
Grand Shooting Competition at The Curragh 1860:  Click Here
Troop Review at The Curragh for Queen Victoria visit August 1861: Click Here
The New Curragh Camp 1879 Onwards:     Click Here
A Royal Visit "The Prince of Wales":     Click Here
Sergeant George Lelliott - 21st Lancers: Click Here
Tragic Accident on the shooting ranges Curragh 1902:  Click Here
Curragh Camp and District 1910: Click Here
A Curragh Military Funeral - 1913: Click Here
The Curragh Military Cemetery Click Here
The Rath Camp 1921:     Click Here
The handover of the Curragh Camp:    Click Here
The Curragh Post 1922:     Click Here
The Curragh Incident:     Click Here             New PDF Document: Here
Kildare Casualty List WW I     Click Here
Forgotten Heroes:     Click Here
War Games on the Curragh:     Click Here
Prisoners Escape from Hare Park 1921 Click Here
Curragh Civil War Executions:     Click Here
Irish Independent 17th May, 1922:     Click Here
Cavalry Corps 80th Anniversary:     Click Here
Sliabh na mBan (Slievenamon):     Click Here
The Bloods an  Historical Overview: Click Here
Schooldays on Curragh:     Click Here
"Red Cap's" The Military Police Through the Years:      Click Here
Armoured Tank's on the Curragh:     Click Here
Radio Oglaigh Na h-Eireann (The Curragh 1962)     Click Here
St. Paul's Garrison Church Curragh Camp:     Click Here
Motor Racing The Curragh (1947 - 1954):     Click Here
Interment Camp's:     Click Here
The Curragh Camp through the eyes of a young boy Jim Smith 1916: Click Here
Curragh Camp Memories - 50's 60's 70's by Joey Kelly Click Here
The Good Intentions Band 1966 -1970: Click Here
The Curragh Male Choir - The Early Years - 1958 - 1962 By Michael Kelly:  Click Here
Curragh Childhood Memories By Michael Kelly: Click Here
The History of The Curragh Picture House By Michael Kelly: Click Here

Curragh Camp Married Quarters

Pearse Married Quarters:  Click Here
McDonagh Married Quarters: Click Here
McDermott Married Quarters: Click Here
Clarke Married Quarters: Click Here
Ceannt Married Quarters:  Click Here
Connolly Married Quarters: Click Here
Plunkett Married Quarters: Click Here

Kildare Barracks Married Quarters

Magee Married Quarters: Click Here
  Special thanks to Tommy Sweeney for compiling the information on the Curragh Camp Married Quarters