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Curragh History Quiz

Test your knowledge on the History of The Curragh!

1. What is the total area of The Curragh Lands ?
a) 8300 Acres
b) 6500 Acres
c) 2210 Acres
d) 4870 Acres

2. On what date did The Curragh Mutiny take place ?
a) June 1916
b) March 1914
c) May 1915
d) December 1913

3. Which Prince of Wales and later King of England served on The Curragh Camp ?
a) King Edward VII
b) King George V
c) King Edward VIII
d) King George VI

4. When was The Curragh Camp handed over to the Irish troops ?
3rd April 1922
17th March 1923
16th May 1922
20th June 1921

5. In what year was The Curragh Golf Club founded ?
Founded in 1923
Founded in 1883
Founded in 1850
Founded in 1910