The Curragh
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The Curragh Camp
Post 1922
By John Morton
(Grandson of a Soldier who served on the Curragh Camp early 1900's)

           My grandfather joined the army about 1892, he served in the boar war, as can be seen by his medal, but I do not know in which regiment. I do know on their return he found himself in the Prince of Wales, Leinster Regt, 4th Battalion. He was with that regt, until he was pensioned off in 1920, he remained at the Curragh Camp, where he and his wife, were employed as the stewards, running the sergeants mess.
                At this time they had moved to a small house near the racecourse. Between 1920, & 1922. the family were threatened many times. My mother, and two of her brothers, Jack & Charlie Neville, were kidnapped, and threatened to be shot by the IRA. On the other hand, these three used to bait the black and tans, as true Irish, and on one occasion were shot at by them.


According to my Mother, the letter, (attached in e 3.) was the last straw, Grandfather John Neville came to England. His two sons, joined the British army and both died at the hands of the Japanese, Charlie in Singapore 1942, with the Cambridgeshire's. Jack on the island of Ballale, in the Solomon's Islands. He being one of 600 Royal Artilleryman taken there, from Singapore,only 18 survived. I have both their stories.

            My granddad was such a proud man, and until the day he died, yearend to
return to Ireland, he was always talking about his home and how just because he was a soldier, with an English wife he was forced to leave.. My Mother never became "English", retaining her love of Irish music, its culture, etc. she even kept her accent, until her death. I guess they were difficult times for many. As for me I'm proud of my Irish'ness, Each year I attend our local 11th November remembrance service and always as my mother did, lay a small posy of flowers, at the memorial where the Neville brothers names are inscribed, with a note "" Remembered Two brave Irishman "
           I will be 70 next year and intend to visit Ireland again, as I did with my mother, in 1947, we met some of her school friends, and my Grandfathers brother, who owned a shop on the square in Macroom.. I will try to visit the Curragh. As well as my Grandfathers home town of Macroom, where I understand their are Neville's.

Hope the photos are ok. John Morton.